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Fish Tank Decoration Stone, YEE Aquarium Stone, Shells And Sand | Colorful Stones for Aquarium Flooring

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  • Shell 400g
  • Landscaping 35shells
  • Landscaping 55shells
  • White Jade 2500g
  • Black Gravel 2500g
  • Powder Gravel 2500g
  • Pebbles 1-2cm 2.5kg
  • Pebbles 2-4cm 2.5kg
  • Pebbles 4-6cm 500g
  • Iron Gallstone 2500g
  • Pebbles 1-2cm 500g
  • Pebbles 2-4cm 500g
  • Pebbles 4-6cm 2500g
  • White sand

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About the Product

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Fish Tank Decoration Stone takes nature home 🐟🏘

Incorporating fish tank landscaping stones is akin to inviting a fragment of the natural world into your home. These carefully chosen stones not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of your aquarium but also establish a serene and authentic atmosphere that resonates with the beauty of the great outdoors. As the fish swim among the Fish Tank Decoration Stone, your home becomes a tranquil haven where the wonders of nature are encapsulated within the glass walls of your aquatic oasis, providing a unique and captivating connection to the aquatic realms of our planet.

βœ… Contains trace elements to stabilize the ecology in the tank

βœ… Multifunctional stone

Nice and Pleased many requirements

πŸ”Ή Lay on the bottom of Aquatic-plant tanks, turtle tanks, and aquariums to create an ecological home.

πŸ”Ή Planting flower

πŸ”Ή Decor home

βœ… Multifunctional stone

Meet a variety of needs

β—Ύ Bloodstone

β—Ύ Black Sparkling Stone

β—Ύ Green zeolite

β—Ύ Ash Stone

β—Ύ White Jade

β—Ύ Iron Gallstone

β—Ύ Shells

β—Ύ Snow White Sand

β—Ύ Cobblestone

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How to Use

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Recycling Instructions:
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